Lena Pauline Kohlmayr, *1988 in Vienna, Austria

lives and works in Vienna 


2018                                       master degree in Social Design - Arts as urban innovation at the University of Applied Arts Vienna


2014 - 2015                           architecture studies at the Tokyo University - design studio at Kuma.Lab

2012 - current                       master studies in Architecture at the Vienna University of Technology                                

2012                                       exchange studies in Architecture at the ETSAM Madrid


2012                                       bachelor of science graduation in architecture the Vienna University of Technology            


2003 - 2007                           graduation from secondary school with a focus on arts, Vienna 1030



since 2021                   part of AKT architecture collective  - AKT and Hermann Czech curating the Austrian Pavilion the 18th International                                                     Architecture Biennale in Venice 2023


since 2019                    University of Applied Arts Vienna - curating the program of the Angewandte Festival


since 2015                    Architecture center Vienna (AZW)

                                       independent employee in the field of mediation - workshops, tours on architecture and urbanism and conception of such


since 2018                    artistic consultant at meduni-Wien for a interdisciplinary tutorial-group under the supervision of Dr. Klaus Spiess




2019                              project  coordinator for Steirischer Herbst-Festival, Graz

2018                              curation and direction of Oskar nimmt Platz - Raum für gepflegte Unruhe, Vienna


2017                              project study Eine urbane Knautschzone mit Potential - chapter social fabric analysis together with Asia



2015 - 2017                  Tracing Spaces - an artistic research project by Michael Zinganel and Michael Hieslmayr

                                       occasional project based support 


2017                              competition contribution for an artistic memorial in public space by filmmaker and artist 

                                       Ruth Beckermann, Salzburg - architectural and graphical assistance


2014                              city walk on short-term-use-projects for the cultural institution Aktionsradius Augarten, Vienna 

                                       conception and tour 


2013                              project leadership and curation of a short-term-use-ART-projekt YIX, Vienna    


2011                              graphic design for a paper model for kids for the 21er Haus of the Belvedere Foundation, Vienna







2017 - 2018            wks-architekten zt kg, Vienna

                                 architectural inventory and implementation planning 


2015                        Ryuji Fujimura, Tokyo  



2013 - 2014            design and realisation of an extension for the restaurant Bunkerei Augarten 

                                 in collaboration with koba architektur


2013                        EASA (european architecture student assembly), Slovenia 

                                 tutor for a design and construction workshop 


2013 - 2015            Department of architecture theory at the Vienna University of Technology



2011 - 2013            head of the students council of architecture at the Vienna University of Technology


2011 - 2012            Hoppe architekten  

                                 part-time employee


2008 - 2010            internships in several architecture offices


                                 Hoppe Architekten, Vienna

                                 C.G. Luetcke, Berlin

                                 3d-Vienna”, Vienna

                                 Planungsbüro Fauszt, Vienna



2017                award of excellence in the architecture competition Spa in Nature by Lixil Foundation Japan


2016                Joint Study Scholarship in the course of JASEC Joint Study Program TU Wien at Tokyo University 


2013                merit scholarship of the Vienna University of Technology



2018              Oskar nimmt Platz at The essence 2018 - exhibition, book and video presentation 

2018              social furniture contribution to the exhibition Mapping social architecture by Marlene Wagner at Magazin.


2018               performing for a video work by Johanna Tinzl shown at the Tiroler Landesmuseum


2018               school project in collaboration with the AZW - contribution for the exhibition

                        Geschichte gemeinsam verhandeln” at Haus der Geschichte Wien

2018                Living room Festival, Zurich 

                         public intervention and installation “Pflanzbarer Aktivismus”

2018                Oskar nimmt Platz, Vienna

                         curation and head of the project


2018                Stereoskop lV - Performance Festival, Vienna

                         performance and installation “Regelkonformitätsmaschine”


2017                Living room Festival, Zurich 

                         public intervention and installation “Mein Haus, dein Haus”


2017                Urbanize Festival by Derive Magazine 

                         installation and performance „analog posting“


2017                Unpacking Burckhardt - part of a group talk with Social Design Studio, House of Commons, and others at                             Narrowcast House - dokumenta14 


2017                No Hope No Fear - Politics of Fear Collective at Kunsthaus Wien

                         participation and workshop conception and execution 


2017                Echo - in the Wells of Silence - “In der Kubatur des Kabinetts” at Fluc, Vienna

                         group exhibition curated by Johanna Tinzl - installation and performance 


2016                Schwenderkino, Vienna

                         public cinema and place-making project - part of organising team


2016                ENHANCEMENTS Mediated Urban Landscapes - Cyberpark training school, Athens

                         participation and trainee grant


2012                EASA (european architecture student assembly), Helsinki

                         participation in construction and design workshop 

german, englisch 

spanish, japanese (basic conversation level)



Oskar nimmt Platz - Raum für gepflegte Unruhe

Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien, 2018


University of Tokyo Press, 2018


Eine urbane Knautschzone mit Potential

Der öffentliche Raum in einem Stadtteil zwischen Prater und Donau

Kapitel "Stadtraumanalyse" - Team: Asia Valencic und Lena Kohlmayr

Forschungsstudie der Abteilung
Social Design – Arts as Urban Innovation

im Auftrag der MA19 – Architektur und Stadtgestaltung

Wien, 2017 

LIXIL Spa in Nature Competition 

architecture + urbanism